About us

With Bodega Barcelona, we give you the possibility to buy our EXCLUSIVE wines that are normally only available in the restaurants at a UNIQUELY SHARP PRICES.

The beginning...

Cava Barcelona has been a household name in the import of Spanish quality wines to the restaurants for more than 35 years. It was founded in 1986 by the Catalan, Trini Balust Agullana. As a connoisseur of the Spanish wine culture, she started this family business with the main goal: Introducing Spanish quality wines to the Dutch market.

Our way

Over the years, this company has built up a close relationship with a large network of bodegas. Through close contact with the bodegas we have access to the best wines from every Spanish wine region. The Spanish wines are selected not only on the basis of their good quality, but also on the authenticity of the wine region and the passion of the wine producer